Mission Statement: To provide creative and cost conscious design and project management solutions to commercial office, retail, hospitality, and institutional tenants.

It is often difficult to describe oneself, but we know you need to have a basic understanding of who we are, and how we function before we can both start to share an intelligent view of your design needs.

Total environmental planning is "people". Designers, Planners, and Management specialists commited to serving the business, professional and retail community through management consulting, functional space utilization planning, interior designing, project management and post-occupancy evaluations.

This means that each specific total environmental planning assignment is a blending of our people with your people working toward a rational, pragmatic, aesthetic and cost effective solution to your design needs. We know that the environment in which you operate has an effect on performance, efficiency and attitude and must reflect management goals, objectives and profits.

At total environmental planning the goal of our operating philosophy is to bring professional objectivity and independence to each unique situation and we will not compromise in this commitment to you. An important concept of our management philosophy is an awareness that each client's needs for design consulting services is different. We recognize our responsibility to maintain a very flexible attitude in order to realistically adapt our skills to their specific conditions while maintaining the integrity of the building and its systems.

As a management oriented design consulting firm, total environmental planning is equipped to respond to your need for a well organized, cost conscious and innovative planning partner.

We hope that the enclosed documents help you to gain a better understanding of our experience and invite you to contact our clients so that you can begin to evaluate who we are and why.