Most companies move less than once every 5 years and it often happens that the person responsible for the last move will not be around to manage the new move. It is therfore very important to pick a fully insured professional interior design firm with a proven track record upon which you can rely. To ensure your designers professional status, make sure that they are a member in good standing of the Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario (ARIDO). This a self governing body that outlines and enforces professional codes, ethics, and standards. Your designer can provide you with a project schedule something like this assuming a typical 10,000 square foot space:

Meet with client to establish criteria, layout, finishes, etc. week 1-4
Construction blueprints week 3-7
Tendering of construction contract week 7-8
Construction week 8-15
Move-in end of week 15

In other words allow about 4 months from the time you make your deal on the space to move-in. Smaller spaces require less time but only 4 weeks less at the most.

Your designer can assist you in finding reliable construction contractors. The contractors will: