Schedule of Professional Services


The following schedule represents a qualified list of comprehensive services available on an as needed basis. 


Pre-planning and Evaluation:

     Review client's management objectives.

     Analyse organizational structure, personnel relationships, work flow efficiency and infrastructure requirements through direct interview process with relevant staff.

     Survey existing space, furniture and equipment.

     Develop and produce program that defines all spatial, technical, subjective and budgetary requirements.

     Preliminary project scheduling.


Design Planning and Documentation:

     Apply program to physical environment of prequalified building and produce preliminary plans (Feasibility Plan).

     Secure sign-off of Feasibility Plan(s).

     Colour and material selection with revisions.

     Specify fixtures and furnishing.

     Communication and audio/visual planning.

     Furniture layout and specification.

     Preliminary budgeting for all hard and soft costs.

     Prepare RFP for Construction Manager and award.

     Prepare RFP for Consulting Engineers (Mechanical, Electrical and Communications) if required and award.


Working Drawings and Consultant Co-ordination:

     Dimensioned partition plan

     Reflected ceiling/lighting plan

     Telephone, data and electrical outlet location plan

     Furniture plan

     Elevations and sections as required.

     Detail drawings for standard millwork and cabinetry, doors, frames, 

        hardware, etc.

     Finish and material schedule and plans

     Interface with Consulting Engineers on all related issues.


Implementation and Supervision:

     Issue, receive and review bids.

     Permit applications.

     Preparation and management and co-ordination of Change Orders.

     Site inspections and meetings as required to complete construction.

     Deficiency check listing.

     Post occupancy evaluation.

     Move co-ordination.